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Using Khan Academy For Math Accleration

The objective of Khan Academy is to let students “Take control of (their) learning by working on the skills (they) chose at (their) own pace.”  Khan academy offers video tutorials on science and mathematics courses.

Math is considered the gatekeeper to higher education.  In fact, studies have shown that the number of math courses taken in high school has the greatest relationship with future bachelor’s degree completion.  To take high level courses like Precalculus and AP math classes such as AP Calculus or AP Statistics during school, students must complete Algebra 1 no later than eighth grade.  In fact, completing Algebra 1 sooner than eighth grade offers greater opportunities for gifted students.

Khan academy gives students a criterion referenced pre-test at the beginning of account creation.  Students are then given a list of various math topics they need to master.  Students can watch video lessons and then take online quizzes to demonstrate mastery.

Khan academy offers a great opportunity for acceleration for gifted students.  Parents and educators should consider it’s use for math acceleration for gifted students.


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